About Us

Bringing joy to others is what it is all about. The train was a dream come true.

We are enjoying this wonderful adventure together bringing our clients and
fans many smiles. ~Jaime

Celebrating 10 years of service this March, thanks to all of you!
About Us
Jaime is multi-talented with a
background in Agriculture and
carpentry skills. He masterfully
operates the train like no other

Neva has a background in
teaching, and business. Her
hobby is in creative arts and

Together they make a dynamic
Chuggabug chugging along.
P.O. Box 986 Isleton, CA. 95641
Where the fun begins and memories made!
Above: The New and Improved Chuggabug.
New engine and new carts.
Above: The original Chuggabug went into
Son: volunteers his
time when he can.
Our son Steve pictured on the left, under went
massive complicated surgery for cancer. He
has a long road ahead to recovery. Once he is
strong enough from this first part, they will start
him on Chemo for the projected 6-8 months

Unable to work, insurance not paying 100%,
the bills are stacking and will be beyond any
average wage earner to pay. I am reaching out
to all of you for help.

Please click on the link
above that says
Financial Medical Help Needed For Son. It
will take you to the GoFundMe account.

If you prefer not to use GoFundMe account to
donate, you can donate directly into his bank
account specifically set up for his medical
F&M Bank oh Central California
ph: 800-888-1498     * fmbonline.com
Routing Number: 121108441
Account Number: 6514668901

Every little bit helps and is so greatly appreciated.
Never seen son so sick.
This Is A Very Special Request:
A mountain needs to be moved for our
son Steve. Please help! See below...